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Kyle Dempster – Camera & Narrator

KyleDempsterAmerican Kyle Dempster is one of the world’s leading alpinists with cutting edge first ascents around the globe.  Despite being one of the leading talents, Dempster is known by few outside the small alpine climbing circle.  He began climbing in 1994 at the age of 12 with his cousin Drew.  In 2005, Kyle and Drew embarked on their first international adventure to frozen big walls of Baffin Island. Kyle was just 21.  After completing a new route, Drew rappelled off the end of his rope and fell several hundred feet to his death. Drew’s accident left a profound impact on Kyle, who after nearly giving up climbing returned to Baffin to make peace with Drew’s memory.  Since then, Dempster has made a name for himself pioneering difficult and dangerous routes up remote, high altitude walls. His trips are characterized by creativity. He’s been nominated three times(winning twice) for the Piolet d’Or, alpine climbing’s highest honor. When he’s not climbing he owns a coffee house in Salt Lake City.

While his trip across Kyrgyzstan was his first bike trip as an adult, Dempster’s father Tom was an avid cyclist and bike tourer. Kyle was brought along on many trips where he road behind in a Burly trailer. Tom is retired, but still earns an income by picking up used TV’s and computer and recycling them throughout Salt Lake City. It is done all by bike.