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Q&A with Alpinist Kyle Dempster

Kyle Dempster on the Road From KarakolBicycling blog “The Bicycle Story” recently sat down with Piolet d’Or award winner Kyle Dempster to talk about his solo bike trip through Kyrgyzstan combining biking and mountaineering.

Having never been on a long distance bike tour, Kyle talks about how the adventure came to be. “Originally it was a trip my girlfriend and I had planned to do together, exploring mountains via bicycle. But then she got into a pretty bad ski accident in the spring. She broke her arm and decided that going on that trip maybe wasn’t the best thing. So I decided to go by myself. Kyrgyzstan, as a climber, is certainly a place that beckons a visit at some point.”

Read the rest of the Q&A with Kyle @ The Bicycle Story


One Response to “Q&A with Alpinist Kyle Dempster”
  1. Jake Parker says:

    Hey Kyle! I’m a climber/hiker/wannabe biker. I read above that you had “never been on a long distance bike tour”, how much training on the bike did you put in before setting out to Kyrgyzstan? Any other big trips in mind for the future?? looking to have a big trip of my own here soon!

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